30 Before 30

I don’t even want to think about turning 30 years old, but I know I tend to put a positive spin on things when I have goals to accomplish and fun things to look forward to. I really enjoyed making and finishing my “By the Time I’m 25” list, and I thought making a list for the next few years would be a good way to distract myself from the sorrows of growing older. ;) I’ve got four and a half years to get these babies crossed off.

30 Before 30

 1. Have a kid.

I’m not quite ready to think about checking this one off, but I know I should probably make it happen before year 30 for the sake of the child and the sake of my energy levels when the child is a teenager. (And for the sake of my mother and mother-in-law.)

2. Go on an epic vacation.

This was actually on my list before I started planning our fall trip to Australia and New Zealand, so I’ll be glad to cross this one off in just a few weeks! :D (P.S. I still can’t believe it’s really happening that soon. I have way too many things left to check off on my to-do lists.)

3. Save up for a new car.

Boring. But it needs to be here.

4. Re-learn some French.

I really liked my French classes in college, but I have definitely forgotten most of that knowledge. I’d love to learn enough to have a simple conversation in case I ever go to Paris and really want to order 12 loaves of bread.

5. Take Andrew to Philadelphia and/or Washington D.C.

Andrew is a huge history buff, and half of me can’t wait to take him to all the great sites up North. The other half of me dreads him nerding out and sharing political trivia with me. ;)

6. Go to the beach.

Easy enough, right? We’ll be visiting several in Australia, but I hope the beach visits happen a few times over the next few years!

7. Visit the Tiger Safari in Tuttle.

I’ve never been here, and I’ve always wanted to go. The G.W. Exotic Animal Park is another one I’d like to visit. Anyone have any experience with either of them? Is one way better than the other?

8. Share an outrageously delicious New York pizza with Andrew.

We were fortunate enough to go to New York together in high school on a choir trip soon after we started dating, but we’d like to go back and see the sights and the pizza. ;)

9. Write a book.

This might be the most unreasonable item on this list, but I’d love if it could finally happen. My expectations aren’t high though. Haha. I love to write, but I’ve never had enough time to finish a book. Hopefully putting this on the list will bring me close to trying. ;)

10. Visit Yellowstone and/or Yosemite.

Currently planning our next 12 family vacations. I have a disease.

11. Read through the whole Bible.

It’s ridiculous to me that I’ve never finished the Old Testament. (But really, Leviticus? Come on, that’s a rough one to get through.) I’ve got about 1/4 of the Bible left to finish to be able to say I’ve read every word, and I’m hoping to cross this one off by the end of the year.

12. Take Jack camping.

My dog is not a fan of car rides or anything that is out of his daily routine, but I would love to take him camping with us some day. As long as we don’t run into any wild rabbits for him to slay, he’ll probably be fine. ;)

13. Go hiking in the Wichita Mountains.

This is one of those things we’ve always said we would do but haven’t yet. It’ll be more likely to get done if it’s on a checklist.

14. Take a best friend trip with Kristi.

This is happening in exactly two weeks, it’s a surprise road trip for Kristi’s birthday, and I. am. so. excited! :D

15. Visit the Maroon Bells.

I’ve had this on my bucket list for a long time, but we’ve had so many other places we wanted to go first. I think we could pull it off on a long weekend.

16. Go to a drive-in movie.

We haven’t been to the one in Guthrie in years, and it just needs to happen again.

17. Read 10 new books.

I really would read more if I had more free time. Now taking suggestions for books I must read. :) Currently, the next on my list is “The Best Yes.”

18. Try 10 new restaurants.

We have the tendency to mostly eat at our regular favorites, but we have quite a few spots we’d like to try. I’m open to suggestions for this one as well. :)

19. Take a day off work to watch movies, eat lots of food, and sleep all day.

I can’t remember the last time I had a full free day with no work involved. This one is long overdue.

20. Go to Dallas and splurge on food and shopping.

IKEA and Fireside Pies. That is all I want.

21. Go on a cruise with Andrew.

We are hoping to do a short cruise for our 5-year anniversary, but I haven’t had much time to plan. I’m thinking Bahamas maybe? (Side note…I am stunned that we’re almost to the 5 year mark.)

22. Go indoor skydiving.

We bought Mom a gift certificate for iFly for Mother’s Day, and she loved it, so I’m adding it to my list. It’s as close as I’ll ever come to skydiving.

23. Take a spontaneous road trip.

Lambert’s anyone?

24. Buy a new house.

This one makes me sad because I LOVE our house so much, but I know we’ll probably want something just a little bit bigger when we start having kiddos in a few years. I am soaking up our time in our current home. :)

25. Have an out-of-the-ordinary date night – do something we’ve never done.

I have no ideas whatsoever for this. Suggestions?

26. Have a sister weekend with Alyssa.

I don’t really have plans for this one either, but I love me some baby sister time! We’ll probably have big plans to cook new recipes and be super crafty, and then we’ll end up napping and watching Netflix.

27. Take Henry to the zoo.

Did you forget how cute Henry was? No? Well, here’s a picture anyway.


28. TBD

29. TBD

30. TBD

The last three are empty because I’m out of ideas, and I would love your suggestions. :)

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Oh – and Happy National Dog Day too. ;) Jack says hi.




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