Surprise! We’re Going to Disney World.

My love language is gift giving, and my favorite thing about giving gifts is surprising people and making them feel special. This past week was one of the most hilarious/awesome surprises I’ve ever pulled off, and I’m quite proud of how it all turned out. ;)

This is my best friend, Kristi. She likes goldfish and Channing Tatum and laughing at literally everything.


Her actual birthday is in a couple weeks, but I planned an early trip to celebrate because I’ll be in Australia on her birthday. I made sure she had some certain days free, and I told her we were going on a surprise road trip. My travel trickery and the hand of God scored me free tickets from Dallas to Orlando, so I thought it was a perfect excuse to surprise her with a Disney World trip disguised as a quick Dallas getaway. (Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t go back to Disney World until I had kids. I lied.) We set off for Dallas at 5 AM Wednesday, and she had no idea where we were going.

Here’s the reaction video when she found out. I laugh every. single. time! (I apologize for my squeaky voice. Rain and traffic had me a little worried we’d be late for our flight. Also, I don’t know why it won’t let me center the video in this post, so I’m sorry, fellow type A friends.)

We hit up Downtown Disney for dinner Wednesday night, spent all day Thursday at Magic Kingdom, and we flew home Friday after an insane amount of food and fun. :)




If you’re ever in Downtown Disney, go to the T-Rex restaurant and order the rotisserie chicken. And risk the waiter’s judgmental eyes and order a side of waffle fries. ;)


When she found out we were headed to Orlando, Kristi texted a friend of hers who just moved there to see if she would be so kind as to provide us a ride to some stellar ice cream. Thankfully, she was free and super sweet and took us to my favorite ice cream joint in the world, Friendly’s!


Dear Friendly’s, if you ever come to Oklahoma, I’ll support you all by myself.


I think this creepy photobomber was after my ice cream. Beat it, dude. I don’t share Reese’s. ;)



The following photo reveals the real reason I like Disney World.



Up and at ’em bright and early. Magic bands are the smartest thing Disney has ever done.


Her first time in Disney World!


Do you even see our faces? We are way too competitive. Haha.





Those Mickey ice cream bars? Maybe I had two in one day.


We have a tradition to take a picture like this every year, and it was fun to have a new background!



Good times. :)

Now it’s time to finish packing and cleaning this week and head to another corner of the world with this handsome man! :D I wish Jackers could come, but he’ll be partying with Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie. Please keep us in your prayers these next few weeks!


Happy Sunday, loves! :)



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