It Is Well

This week, I accidentally dropped my iPhone on the pavement and completely shattered the screen. Two days before vacation.

This week, I found a slice in our living room carpet and discovered we’ll need to replace the whole thing.

This week, I went to get a spray tan at a new place and couldn’t find the building. I accidentally parked in a psychic’s parking lot while trying to locate it, and she greeted me eerily out front with her shih tzu. Although apparently psychic, she could not tell me where the salon I was looking for was. (Don’t worry. I found it.)

This week, my dog climbed in at least three different closets in our house while I did laundry because of his washing machine fears.

This week, we bought Andrew a new pair of sunglasses for our trip. I took them out of one of the store bags so they wouldn’t be squished, and I haven’t seen them since. I cleaned the entire house and car and checked every nook and cranny. We had to buy another pair last night. Wife fail.

This week, I had goldfish for dinner one night because my self-control has been non-existent lately.

This week, I’ve felt scattered, overwhelmed, insane, and just “off,” for lack of a better term. And you know that has my planner self a little on edge. ;)


This week I will be in Australia, and later next week I’ll be in New Zealand. And that means that it is well with my soul. :) God is so good. I feel so very loved by Him, even (and especially) when the week is at its craziest. He gives such good gifts and carries me through my breakdowns. It is well.

Have a happy rest of September, loves! I’ll see you around October. ;)



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