Family Photo Tips

It’s that time of year again – time to torture your husbands, your dogs, your children, and yourselves as you stress out over coordinating outfits, seasonal backdrops, and losing 5 pounds as fast as you can. It’s family picture time. ;)

As a photographer, it’s hard to curb my unrealistic expectations when it comes to family pictures. I know getting a perfect shot is possible, but it takes time and cooperation. And occasionally, you just have to be willing to deal with your family’s hatred of you for a brief hour or two. ;) Here are some little tips to help your family photo shoot run smoothly and hopefully end in laughter, not tears! (Ours usually end in pizza, which is obviously the best way.)

1. If you have a big family, pick at least three or four colors that go together. If you’re a smaller family, you can get away with two or three colors, but you’ll want more than just a couple if you have several people. No more of this solely black and white with jeans nonsense! Pick a few coordinating colors, mix in a pattern or two, and accessorize. If you aren’t good at that sort of thing, search on Pinterest for ideas. Here’s a good pin to get you started. And here’s another.



2. Create some levels. Bring a bench, some chairs, or some kind of stool to utilize those different heights. Standing in a straight line is great and all, but you’ll notice that it gets harder to fit everyone as your family grows!




3. Snuggle. I know that sounds weird, but go with it. Lol. Try to avoid standing up straight in a line like soldiers for every pose, and snuggle in with arms around each other for a few. Make it look like you love each other. ;)




4. Take turns and breaks. Keep those babies (and those who tend to get cranky) entertained and happy! Bring a toy for the kiddos, perhaps a snack for the grumpy folks, and take turns taking pictures with different combinations so everyone gets a little break.






5. Make jokes. Laugh. Keep it fun. You’ll look too starchy if you’re just smiling perfectly for every picture. Some of your favorite photos will be the real, candid moments that weren’t planned.






Happy shooting and happy Wednesday! :)



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