Hustle and Bustle

GUYS. I am almost caught up on my editing. I can hardly believe it, but I think I will have a life again soon. ;)

We’ve been a little more busy than we’d like lately, but we are looking forward to some down time in a couple weeks after the hustle and bustle of December slows a bit. Here’s a quick update to prove we’re still alive. ;)

Jack has kept us on our toes the past week with a series of strange… ahem… tummy issues. Thank the good Lord he’s all better now and back to posing for pictures. (I might have to change the phrase on my chalkboard if he keeps standing there.)


Last Saturday, I shot my last wedding for quite a while, and I was SO glad it was for these sweet friends!


We headed to IHOP with these cuties for a post-wedding feast because PANCAKES.


The next day, Andrew and I escaped for a quick day trip in Dallas to eat too much food and spend too much money shopping. (Knocked that one off the 30 Before 30 list!)


And yes. More pancakes.



I think Andrew is really starting to warm up to IKEA.




Well-played, IKEA employees.


We may have broken a record on carbs for the day. Have you guys been to Fireside Pies?!


PIZZA FONDUE. I cannot stress how quickly you need to go eat this.



The Galleria = Rockefeller Center for southerners.


I bought entirely too many things and didn’t take many pictures, but here. These are my new polar bear pajama pants. Lol.


No trip to Dallas is complete without Potbelly’s for Andrew. :)


We are back to work and running around crazy this week, but we have LOTS of fun things to look forward to this month. And soon, I’ll actually have time to blog about them. ;) Happy Wednesday!



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