Come Thou Long Expected Free Time

You can usually tell how busy or overwhelmed I am by how many days there are between my blog posts. Needless to say, things have been a little crazy lately, but as of today I have FINALLY caught up with all my editing and am happy to report I have returned to regular life! ;) I took a nap this week. A genuine, guilt-free, unencumbered nap. It was glorious.

Now that I’m caught up and back to having some free time, let’s catch up here, shall we? I can’t even tell you guys how excited I am to be able to have some down time again. :D I’ve mapped out my new schedule for the year, and things should run smoother and life should be less crazy. I mean it this time. ;) Here’s what we’ve been up to in 2016 so far.

This handsome man has been helping me immensely with chores and life in general while work has been crazy. He’s been rewarded with his new favorite, Upper Crust.


We had dinner with these babes at our favorite place. My plan is to make everyone obsessed with Cheesecake Factory so I can be sure it’ll never go out of business. ;)


Andrew and I talked about our hopes and dreams for this year. My goals are profound.


My 2016 planner is in full swing, along with a companion planning notebook I made to go with it. I have a blog post coming soon to show you guys that my planner love has gotten out of control.



We had the cutest visitor ever at work last week. :)


Henry. Stop growing.


And this magnificent GIF was created.


I drove these pretty work ladies to Papa Angelo’s this week because they appreciate pizza almost as much as I do. ;)




My baby sister turned 18 years old, and suddenly I feel ancient. We plan to celebrate her with BBQ and waffles this weekend!


We went to the Thunder game with Brad and Sherree this week thanks to some tickets from our Uncle Mike! I adore these two. And KD.



Aaaand lastly, we got some fabulous new sheets that Jackers wholeheartedly approved of in seconds. (They’re still on sale online from Target. Go forth and purchase.)


Happy Friday, loves! :)



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