Happy Thoughts – January

1. Today, I am down 7.4 pounds in a ridiculous weight contest I had with Mom and Alyssa. Tomorrow, we fly to Disney World (along with my Mom-in-law) in celebration of Alyssa’s 18th birthday and regain all the weight we lost. ;)


First stop before Disney is Friendly’s because I NEED THIS.


2. We’ve been having some fun family time lately, and I’ve been loving it. Henry continues to be our family’s pride and joy and entertainment. ;)





3. My 2015 yearbook came in, and it is glooooorious! For now, I just have a crappy iPhone shot, but I’ll post some less terrible photos next week.


It may or may not have been nearly twice the size of the previous years…I blame Henry and Australia and New Zealand.


4. I finally finished every last photo I needed to edit this week, and I am breathing in these next few vacation days before the photo shoots start again. With CaitPhoto land slowing down a bit, I’ve been working a lot more at my 2nd job and hanging out with these cuties! (We all wore scarves. It was a magic moment.)


5. Two weeks after I get back from Florida, I’ll go back with Andrew for a quick 3-day cruise to the Bahamas over Valentine’s Day! :D (24-hour pizza and ice cream…why can I not live on a cruise ship.) We had a voucher for some super discounted flights, and we kinda spontaneously decided to go on a cruise. Even my plan-loving heart won’t complain. ;)


Happy happy Friday to you all! Hope your weekends are full of happy thoughts!



One thought on “Happy Thoughts – January

  1. Yay! The husband and I decided to spontaneously book a cruise as well! We booked 3 days ago and leave in a month! Very exciting stay – hope you enjoy the sunshine girl. 😎

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