The Return of the Blogger

Oh, man. Longest blog hiatus ever, right? HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? I’ve missed blogging so much, and I’m SO thrilled to say the days are currently less crazy, the NEW blog / site is up and running, and I have about 87,000 pictures to catch you up on now. ;)

First things first – huge shout out to my website-genius brother, Brad, who graciously set everything up for me while I danced and watched Curious George with my nephew. THREE CHEERS for Brad. And Henry. And Curious George.

Now do me a little favor – if you have a bookmark or a blog subscription, go ahead and update the web address. Absolutely Bositively is officially moving over to its own domain, so you can find me and the 87,000 photos over at This blog will remain exactly as it is now, but every post from here on out will be at the new site.

Thanks for bearing with me over the last few months of craziness! I really am so excited to get back to normal posting. I’m finally able to hang out with my dear old friend, free time. ;) Now come hang with me at the new site!



A Little Joy

Phew. This month, you guys. This YEAR. It feels like there have been an overwhelming amount of sad stories floating around lately, so I promise to only spread joyful, happy thoughts in this post! :)

One of these days, I’ll have something to blog other than just catching up on everything, but alas…the busy world continues for now. Bear with me, I’m getting closer to having free time. ;) Until then, here are some recent, happy happenings!


We celebrated my precious Mom-in-law’s birthday the best way…with pizza, of course. ;)


And with Coldstone!


I love all these cuties.


And this one. ;)


Henry continues to defend his title of world’s cutest child.


For real.



He makes me laugh so much!


We leisurely watched Curious George, and it was the best.


Andrew and I have been trying to get our outside exercise in before it gets too hot, which it did…like, yesterday. We managed to bike around Lake Hefner last weekend while it was still nice and breezy!




We made sure we countered that exercise with some carbs, and we had a lovely brunch at Flint.


Andrew was passionate about those pancakes, and I must admit that even this picture of my biscuits and potatoes is making me want to go back right this second.


Last Saturday evening was perfectly spent – swimming with friends and puppies! This is my handsome dog nephew, Copper.


I adore these yahoos. :)


Sunday morning was our church’s “Dedication Sunday,” celebrating our new worship center. They asked me to photograph the event, and I admittedly got a little emotional during it. Haha. It was such a special day for our congregation!


After carrying two cameras with two lenses and a bag of batteries around my neck for four hours straight, I told Andrew I required chips and queso. ;)


A little PSA – I just found out that I’m officially out of media space on this blog. (bleh.) And since most of my posts are worthless without pictures, ;) I will obviously have to find a way to get more space. All that to say, bear with me if it’s another absurd amount of time between posts. I still have lots to catch up on and LOTS of summer fun coming…stay tuned. :) Happy weekend, loves!


Fancy Five Year

We’re going to Colorado this weekend for our anniversary getaway (REJOICE), but we had to make our actual anniversary day special too! We began the Boswell way – with pancakes. ;) (Pancake pen available here.)


I gave Andrew one gift for every year we’ve been married, and I threw it back to our nautical wedding with my wrapping paper. ;)


Andrew bought me this slightly too expensive bag that I love more than any other bag…a little nautical too, eh? :)


He also brought home some killer peonies that are still making my kitchen pretty!


We intended to get up and go for a walk, but we skipped the walk in favor of breakfast and headed to the zoo for our exercise instead. ;)







Andrew had planned an anniversary date night that was kept a secret from me until the day before, but I was SUPER thrilled when he told me he’d made reservations at VAST. We’d never been, and it was a perfect excuse to dress up and be fancy. ;)


He made sure we had a good window seat, and the hostess told us this was her favorite table when she seated us. :)


The view from the 49th floor is pretty incredible!



Good gravy, he’s cute.


I see you, fancy butter.


I was a little nervous that the food would be too pretentious for me (let’s face it, my tastebuds are a tad casual and wacko), but this steak was UH-MAZING. I wish I was eating another one right this second.


About three seconds before I took this picture, I had received a text message from Andrew’s mom saying, “Eat slow so you can watch the sunset!” Hahaha.


Vast thinks fruit is dessert. How cute.


We split the chocolate mousse. And by split, I mean I had two bites and Andrew devoured the rest. ;)





After dinner, we finally tried Roxy’s ice cream for the first time.


I must admit I still prefer Coldstone and Braum’s, but it was nice considering I hadn’t had sugar in a week. ;)



The day after our anniversary, these precious hooligans took us out for Cheesecake Factory to celebrate some more. :) Sorry for the pathetic selfie.


I miss you already, crispy chicken costoletta. I’m back on the protein diet until our trip this weekend!


Happy Tuesday, loves! :)