The Return of the Blogger

Oh, man. Longest blog hiatus ever, right? HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? I’ve missed blogging so much, and I’m SO thrilled to say the days are currently less crazy, the NEW blog / site is up and running, and I have about 87,000 pictures to catch you up on now. ;)

First things first – huge shout out to my website-genius brother, Brad, who graciously set everything up for me while I danced and watched Curious George with my nephew. THREE CHEERS for Brad. And Henry. And Curious George.

Now do me a little favor – if you have a bookmark or a blog subscription, go ahead and update the web address. Absolutely Bositively is officially moving over to its own domain, so you can find me and the 87,000 photos over at This blog will remain exactly as it is now, but every post from here on out will be at the new site.

Thanks for bearing with me over the last few months of craziness! I really am so excited to get back to normal posting. I’m finally able to hang out with my dear old friend, free time. ;) Now come hang with me at the new site!




Mother’s Day Brunch

This week has been one of the busiest weeks of the year work-wise, but I am SO FLIPPIN EXCITED it’s Friday and so ready for the end of this month. We celebrate our 5-year anniversary next weekend (YEP it’s been that long), and we’ll be living it up in Colorado the weekend after that! I’m telling myself over and over again that the busy days will eventually slow down. Let’s just say I could use a nap. ;)

Sometimes it feels like I only blog after holidays or birthdays haha, but once I get past this crazy month, I’m hoping I can be a little more consistent. :) For now, let’s play catch up again!

We had all our favorite mamas over last Sunday for a Mother’s Day brunch! We had pancakes, donuts, watermelon, breakfast casserole, quiche, and a biscuit bar! And a side of diabetes.


We had to get creative fitting 18 people in our kitchen. ;)


I saw some bouquets similar to these on Pinterest and thought it would be a cute way to do place cards for the moms! They each got to take home their little picture bouquet.






Pretend that Alyssa’s famous gravy is in that empty grey bowl. It was still being cooked to perfection when this picture was taken. ;)




Andrew and I repeatedly thank the Lord and count our lucky stars for these families. We are so blessed that they get along so well!


Backyard family portraits, because I’m Caitlin.



I love my sweet mama-in-law!


Ahem. This man is freaking wonderful.



Can we talk about how cute my aunt and uncle and cousins are? And they didn’t even plan to color coordinate.



Henry was very interested in all the dog toys.


The frisbee gatherer.


We called this picture “fixing Alyssa.”


The originals.


I adore them.


We love our silly Mama!



I’m obsessed with these two.



My grandparents are cuter than your grandparents. ;)


After a heap of food and photos, we released Jack to entertain us with frisbee-catching skills.



I’m not sure how it was the first time these two really met, but it was hilarious and adorable. Jack seemed afraid that Henry was going to take all his frisbees, so he kept hiding with them. And when we put the pup back inside to rest, Henry roamed around the backyard searching for him saying, “Woof…woof…woof.” My heart exploded.


Happy weekend, loves! :)


Underrated Movies

1. Galaxy Quest

In light of the fairly recent passing of the brilliant Alan Rickman, you really should see this movie if you haven’t yet…especially if you’ve ever been into Star Trek. This flick has a hilarious Tim Allen ruling a bunch of aliens. That’s basically all you need to know.

2. Rookie of the Year

I don’t know why, but I never really heard many people (outside of my family) talk about this movie. I think it’s a hoot. It’s fun to see Gary Busey almost being normal.

3. What About Bob

Mental patient Bill Murray stalks Richard Dreyfuss. What’s not to like? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Andrew and I quote this movie so much. I typically hate movies with too much conflict, but this is surprisingly still one of my favorites.

4. Hook

If you don’t like this movie, we probably can’t be friends. (Alright, we can, but I’ll question your every decision.) Robin Williams as Peter Pan is one of my favorite roles everrrrr. And when he reveals why he left Neverland and grew up, you will feel all the feels.

5. Iron Will

I’m not sure anyone has ever answered, “Yes!” when I’ve asked if they’ve seen this movie. GO BUY IT. Or come over and we’ll watch it together. If you can make it past the first 15 minutes of heart-wrenching sadness, I promise the rest of the movie is worth it. Also, young Kevin Spacey is adorbs.

6. Vertical Limit

Another one of my favorites, Vertical Limit is the perfect mix of action, emotion, and pretty scenery. You’ll have to deal with an obnoxious Bill Paxton, but Chris O’Donnell is precious, and you’ll thank the good Lord you’re not climbing a mountain the whole time you’re watching it.

7. While You Were Sleeping

I’m positive I’ve mentioned this movie on this blog before, but it deserves to be mentioned again. I wish Lucy and Jack were real people in real life. Romantic comedies rarely make it into my favorites list, but this one is GOLD.

8. McFarland

I think I’ve talked this movie up enough already on this blog, so I’ll just say it once more…watch it. Kevin Costner is king.

9. Surf Ninjas

If you’ve heard of or seen this movie, we should chat, because I’m pretty sure we are in a 2% of the population and we might have some other weird things in common. This movie is ridiculous, but it’s one of those that you end up quoting and finding hilarious when no one else does.

10. The Kid

I forgot how truly in love I was with this movie until we finally bought it on Amazon and watched it again last week. It’s my favorite Bruce Willis movie. (YES I KNOW WHAT I JUST SAID.) It also made me cry waaay more than I remember crying in the past, but it is so. worth it. Hilarious, clever, and adorable. It also has one of my top 5 favorite movie endings.

Any suggestions for some other underrated movies we should check out? Happy Wednesday, folks! :)