Fancy Five Year

We’re going to Colorado this weekend for our anniversary getaway (REJOICE), but we had to make our actual anniversary day special too! We began the Boswell way – with pancakes. ;) (Pancake pen available here.)


I gave Andrew one gift for every year we’ve been married, and I threw it back to our nautical wedding with my wrapping paper. ;)


Andrew bought me this slightly too expensive bag that I love more than any other bag…a little nautical too, eh? :)


He also brought home some killer peonies that are still making my kitchen pretty!


We intended to get up and go for a walk, but we skipped the walk in favor of breakfast and headed to the zoo for our exercise instead. ;)







Andrew had planned an anniversary date night that was kept a secret from me until the day before, but I was SUPER thrilled when he told me he’d made reservations at VAST. We’d never been, and it was a perfect excuse to dress up and be fancy. ;)


He made sure we had a good window seat, and the hostess told us this was her favorite table when she seated us. :)


The view from the 49th floor is pretty incredible!



Good gravy, he’s cute.


I see you, fancy butter.


I was a little nervous that the food would be too pretentious for me (let’s face it, my tastebuds are a tad casual and wacko), but this steak was UH-MAZING. I wish I was eating another one right this second.


About three seconds before I took this picture, I had received a text message from Andrew’s mom saying, “Eat slow so you can watch the sunset!” Hahaha.


Vast thinks fruit is dessert. How cute.


We split the chocolate mousse. And by split, I mean I had two bites and Andrew devoured the rest. ;)





After dinner, we finally tried Roxy’s ice cream for the first time.


I must admit I still prefer Coldstone and Braum’s, but it was nice considering I hadn’t had sugar in a week. ;)



The day after our anniversary, these precious hooligans took us out for Cheesecake Factory to celebrate some more. :) Sorry for the pathetic selfie.


I miss you already, crispy chicken costoletta. I’m back on the protein diet until our trip this weekend!


Happy Tuesday, loves! :)



If I Could Go Back…

Five years ago today, I stood on a flowered stage and promised myself to you. I promised to love and cherish you, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. The day that took almost a year to plan was over in what felt like a matter of seconds, and all the sudden, I was your wife.


If I could go back…I’d pick a different dress. I would have tried on more poofy dresses or looked for a copycat of Julia Roberts’ dress from Runaway Bride. I’d probably have a different color scheme, and I would have my hair and makeup professionally done. I’d spend less time worried about the music for the reception, and I’d spend more time soaking up each “this only happens once” moment. I would have taken more pictures, I would have talked to our grandparents more that day, and I would have directly handed my bouquet to my best friend instead of throwing it. My guest list might be a bit different. I might even have planned a destination wedding instead of a big church wedding.

But I’d still choose you.


If I could go back, I may have suggested we pick a different apartment – one that wasn’t above chain smokers who played death metal music at record-breaking decibels. I might have asked you to keep looking for other jobs when you were offered a position at a place that would later lay off a huge portion of employees, including you. I would have taken Jack with us literally everywhere when he was a puppy to conquer his fear of car rides. I would spend less time and money at Old Navy (maybe), and I would spend more time with you and Jesus. I definitely would have researched more about mortgages, escrow, and other ulcer-inducing pains of adulthood.

But I’d still choose you.


If I could go back, I would have asked the hard questions and had the big fights earlier. I would have prayed more, complained less, and made more of an effort to encourage you daily. I might have left stupid arguments alone, and I might have made us start exercising together way earlier. I would have planned exactly the same amount of vacations though. ;) I might have planned more. Haha.

But I’d still choose you.


Being married for five years makes me feel so super old…but being married to you for five years makes me feel so outrageously blessed. I’d choose you over and over again if I could go back. Thank you for taking care of me, for praying over me daily, and for letting the dog outside when it’s cold or dark. ;)

Here’s to the rest of our years, however many the Lord gives us. I love doing life with you, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures God has for us. I love you, Andrew Robert. Happy Anniversary! :)


Mother’s Day Brunch

This week has been one of the busiest weeks of the year work-wise, but I am SO FLIPPIN EXCITED it’s Friday and so ready for the end of this month. We celebrate our 5-year anniversary next weekend (YEP it’s been that long), and we’ll be living it up in Colorado the weekend after that! I’m telling myself over and over again that the busy days will eventually slow down. Let’s just say I could use a nap. ;)

Sometimes it feels like I only blog after holidays or birthdays haha, but once I get past this crazy month, I’m hoping I can be a little more consistent. :) For now, let’s play catch up again!

We had all our favorite mamas over last Sunday for a Mother’s Day brunch! We had pancakes, donuts, watermelon, breakfast casserole, quiche, and a biscuit bar! And a side of diabetes.


We had to get creative fitting 18 people in our kitchen. ;)


I saw some bouquets similar to these on Pinterest and thought it would be a cute way to do place cards for the moms! They each got to take home their little picture bouquet.






Pretend that Alyssa’s famous gravy is in that empty grey bowl. It was still being cooked to perfection when this picture was taken. ;)




Andrew and I repeatedly thank the Lord and count our lucky stars for these families. We are so blessed that they get along so well!


Backyard family portraits, because I’m Caitlin.



I love my sweet mama-in-law!


Ahem. This man is freaking wonderful.



Can we talk about how cute my aunt and uncle and cousins are? And they didn’t even plan to color coordinate.



Henry was very interested in all the dog toys.


The frisbee gatherer.


We called this picture “fixing Alyssa.”


The originals.


I adore them.


We love our silly Mama!



I’m obsessed with these two.



My grandparents are cuter than your grandparents. ;)


After a heap of food and photos, we released Jack to entertain us with frisbee-catching skills.



I’m not sure how it was the first time these two really met, but it was hilarious and adorable. Jack seemed afraid that Henry was going to take all his frisbees, so he kept hiding with them. And when we put the pup back inside to rest, Henry roamed around the backyard searching for him saying, “Woof…woof…woof.” My heart exploded.


Happy weekend, loves! :)