A Little Joy

Phew. This month, you guys. This YEAR. It feels like there have been an overwhelming amount of sad stories floating around lately, so I promise to only spread joyful, happy thoughts in this post! :)

One of these days, I’ll have something to blog other than just catching up on everything, but alas…the busy world continues for now. Bear with me, I’m getting closer to having free time. ;) Until then, here are some recent, happy happenings!


We celebrated my precious Mom-in-law’s birthday the best way…with pizza, of course. ;)


And with Coldstone!


I love all these cuties.


And this one. ;)


Henry continues to defend his title of world’s cutest child.


For real.



He makes me laugh so much!


We leisurely watched Curious George, and it was the best.


Andrew and I have been trying to get our outside exercise in before it gets too hot, which it did…like, yesterday. We managed to bike around Lake Hefner last weekend while it was still nice and breezy!




We made sure we countered that exercise with some carbs, and we had a lovely brunch at Flint.


Andrew was passionate about those pancakes, and I must admit that even this picture of my biscuits and potatoes is making me want to go back right this second.


Last Saturday evening was perfectly spent – swimming with friends and puppies! This is my handsome dog nephew, Copper.


I adore these yahoos. :)


Sunday morning was our church’s “Dedication Sunday,” celebrating our new worship center. They asked me to photograph the event, and I admittedly got a little emotional during it. Haha. It was such a special day for our congregation!


After carrying two cameras with two lenses and a bag of batteries around my neck for four hours straight, I told Andrew I required chips and queso. ;)


A little PSA – I just found out that I’m officially out of media space on this blog. (bleh.) And since most of my posts are worthless without pictures, ;) I will obviously have to find a way to get more space. All that to say, bear with me if it’s another absurd amount of time between posts. I still have lots to catch up on and LOTS of summer fun coming…stay tuned. :) Happy weekend, loves!



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