The 27-Year Old

This man.


He is just the greatest person alive. I love any excuse to celebrate him, and we had so much celebratory fun packed into one birthday! :) Naturally, his big day began with a cinnamon roll and Star Wars.


Andrew is one of those people who says, “I don’t need anything,” when you ask what they want for their birthday. I browsed Pinterest desperate for ideas and came up with my own version of this little gift.


I just really like to rhyme.


I won’t show you every page, but we have a busy rest of the year coming full of lots of food and fun!




This present is Jack-approved.


After Star Wars and presents, we headed to Andrew’s happy place.


Yes, I’d love to celebrate you with pizza. Great plan! ;)


We played frisbee in the sunshine with this handsome devil.


And we ended with some family bowling at Main Event!


I love these cuties!


Air hockey may have gotten a little too intense.



We partied with my fam last night, where Andrew was given a heap of gift cards, food, and Star Wars-related gifts and cards. ;) You’re so loved, hubs. :)


Happy weekend!


Underrated Movies

1. Galaxy Quest

In light of the fairly recent passing of the brilliant Alan Rickman, you really should see this movie if you haven’t yet…especially if you’ve ever been into Star Trek. This flick has a hilarious Tim Allen ruling a bunch of aliens. That’s basically all you need to know.

2. Rookie of the Year

I don’t know why, but I never really heard many people (outside of my family) talk about this movie. I think it’s a hoot. It’s fun to see Gary Busey almost being normal.

3. What About Bob

Mental patient Bill Murray stalks Richard Dreyfuss. What’s not to like? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Andrew and I quote this movie so much. I typically hate movies with too much conflict, but this is surprisingly still one of my favorites.

4. Hook

If you don’t like this movie, we probably can’t be friends. (Alright, we can, but I’ll question your every decision.) Robin Williams as Peter Pan is one of my favorite roles everrrrr. And when he reveals why he left Neverland and grew up, you will feel all the feels.

5. Iron Will

I’m not sure anyone has ever answered, “Yes!” when I’ve asked if they’ve seen this movie. GO BUY IT. Or come over and we’ll watch it together. If you can make it past the first 15 minutes of heart-wrenching sadness, I promise the rest of the movie is worth it. Also, young Kevin Spacey is adorbs.

6. Vertical Limit

Another one of my favorites, Vertical Limit is the perfect mix of action, emotion, and pretty scenery. You’ll have to deal with an obnoxious Bill Paxton, but Chris O’Donnell is precious, and you’ll thank the good Lord you’re not climbing a mountain the whole time you’re watching it.

7. While You Were Sleeping

I’m positive I’ve mentioned this movie on this blog before, but it deserves to be mentioned again. I wish Lucy and Jack were real people in real life. Romantic comedies rarely make it into my favorites list, but this one is GOLD.

8. McFarland

I think I’ve talked this movie up enough already on this blog, so I’ll just say it once more…watch it. Kevin Costner is king.

9. Surf Ninjas

If you’ve heard of or seen this movie, we should chat, because I’m pretty sure we are in a 2% of the population and we might have some other weird things in common. This movie is ridiculous, but it’s one of those that you end up quoting and finding hilarious when no one else does.

10. The Kid

I forgot how truly in love I was with this movie until we finally bought it on Amazon and watched it again last week. It’s my favorite Bruce Willis movie. (YES I KNOW WHAT I JUST SAID.) It also made me cry waaay more than I remember crying in the past, but it is so. worth it. Hilarious, clever, and adorable. It also has one of my top 5 favorite movie endings.

Any suggestions for some other underrated movies we should check out? Happy Wednesday, folks! :)


Happy Thoughts – April

The more busyness and craziness that life throws our way, the more blessings the Lord throws us to balance it out. ;) I’m counting those blessings and dwelling on happy thoughts today. :)

Happy thought #1: My baby nephew turned 1 this week! (Yes, that’s also a sad thought.) We may have gone a little present crazy.


That face! My heart.


Little genius baby is already dunking.



So much cute.




This is the proper way to eat your first birthday cake.








Happy thought #2: I got to meet my second nephew this week. ;) This is my best friend’s new pup, Pete! Sorry about my squinty Quasimodo eye.


I think the meeting went pretty well.



Happy thought #3: This lady. We’re both crazy busy most weeks, but we make up for lost time by talking and laughing our heads off for four hours when we finally get to hang.


Happy thought #4: Deep Deuce chips and queso. The obsession is real.


Happy thought #5: Twinning with Henry.



Happy thought #6: Jack Sparrow in the spring. We LOVE warm weather!


Happy thought #7: Marriage. And evening walks. They’re my favorite things.


Happy thought #8: Cheesecake Factory work dinner. I knew adding a part-time job to my plate was the right decision. I think I convinced half the group to get the crispy chicken costoletta. ;)


Happy thought #9: This picture.


I love you, kiddo.


Happy thought #10: Bowling at 9:30 on a Thursday night. With an empty bowling alley, no one could watch my terrible skills. It was grand.


Hope your week is full of happy thoughts! :) Happy Friday!