God’s Plans for a Planner

I’m a planner to the core. My personality tends toward being early and being prepared. I like things to run smoothly, and I love a clean, organized calendar with perfect penmanship. There is no doubt in my mind that most of the world would judge me if they glimpsed inside my homemade planner and saw the color-coordinated madness that is Caitlin.

The good news is God’s a planner too. And as much as I like to think my planning skills are supreme, He’s got me beat. ;)

There is both struggle and freedom in realizing that God’s plans are better than mine. It seems obvious, but so often we desperately cling to our hopes and dreams, and we shake our fists at God when things don’t go our way. I’m so guilty of getting ahead of the Lord and asking why He chose to do something that I didn’t have cleanly written in my planner.

My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. -Isaiah 55

I came across a piece of paper while I was cleaning out my office a couple weeks ago. I had labeled the top “5 Year Plan” and penciled in my hopes for the five years following the year I got married. It, first of all, frightened me to realize how close we are nearing that 5-year mark of marriage, and secondly, made me giggle at my ambitious, newlywed self. Not everything was off, but let’s just say thank God for the Lord’s plans superseding mine. Life is mildly unpredictable to us, but I’m so thankful that nothing takes God by surprise. And guess what? He put my 5-year plan to shame, and I’m infinitely glad He’s in charge.

I’ve watched my plans change, and more recently, I’ve watched them change for several people close to me. I rest in the comforting fact that God is faithful, and His plans are always for our best.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. -Romans 8

 So just in case your day, week, month, or even year took a turn you weren’t planning for – fear not. You are so loved by the Lord, and His plan is good. :)



February Favorites

This movie.

It quickly climbed its way into my list of recent favorites. It was SO GOOD. I get a little antsy when movies go past two hours, but this 2 hour and 20 minute flick flew right by. ;) Great story, great acting, and it made me feel like exercising. Haha. Go see it!


And while we’re on the subject, this movie theater.

We headed to the Warren after church yesterday afternoon, and it was delightful. It’s hard to believe how long it took us to finally try out the “balcony.” Heated seats, food delivered to your table, assigned seating so you don’t have to rush…we were BIG fans. If you haven’t been, we highly recommend it for a fun date night!


This super cheesy-looking organizer.

I know, judge away. The “As Seen on TV” quality made me question its functionality, but I’m rather glad I bought it, and I no longer worry about having too many shoes.


These Shutterfly desk calendars.

I love them! They’re the perfect size without being obnoxiously large. (And I really like these Shutterfly notebooks too.)


This dog.

I’m totally over winter and not a fan of cold generally, but we did have a splendid little snow day today. :)




These drape-hanging men.


Little by little we’re working on getting house stuff done. I do love that sun making the office look bright. :D


What are your favorite things this month? :)


Date Night Printables

I love date nights. I think they’re so easily neglected, but so important! After some Pinspiration (let’s pretend that’s a word), I drafted up some fun date night printables in Photoshop. These little interviews are great to keep for future gift-giving or surprise-planning. I noticed some of my answers to these questions would definitely have been different when we got married almost four years ago, so even if you think you’d know their every answer, it’s helpful to see if your spouse’s opinions or tastes have changed. Fill out your little interviews on a date night and hang on to your spouse’s for future reference! (This first set is geared toward married folks, but scroll down for another printable for both married and dating couples.)


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable1


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable2


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable3

You all are well aware of how much I love lists. ;) Here’s another printable for some fun date night ideas.


Click here for PDF – DateNightBucketList

…and here’s a blank one if you think my date ideas are super lame. ;)


Click here for PDF – DateNightBucketListBlank

Happy Friday! :)