30 Before 30

30 things to do before March 15th, 2020.

1. Have a kid.

2. Go on an epic vacation. SEPTEMBER 2015
Australia + New Zealand Vacation

3. Save up for a new car.

4. Re-learn some French.

5. Take Andrew to Philadelphia and/or Washington D.C.

6. Go to the beach.

7. Visit the Tiger Safari in Tuttle (Or the G.W. Exotic Animal Park).

8. Share an outrageously delicious New York pizza with Andrew.

9. Write a book.

10. Visit Yellowstone and/or Yosemite.

11. Read through the whole Bible.

12. Take Jack camping.

13. Go hiking in the Wichita Mountains. OCTOBER 2015

14. Take a best friend trip with Kristi.  SEPTEMBER 2015
Surprise Disney World Trip

15. Visit the Maroon Bells.

16. Go to a drive-in movie.

17. Read 10 new books.

18. Try 10 new restaurants. (1: Meers Restaurant, 2: Vast, 3. Flint)

19. Take a day off work to watch movies, eat lots of food, and sleep all day.

20. Go to Dallas and splurge on food and shopping. DECEMBER 2015

21. Go on a cruise with Andrew. FEBRUARY 2016
Bahamas Cruise

22. Go indoor skydiving.

23. Take a spontaneous road trip.

24. Buy a new house.

25. Have an out-of-the-ordinary date night – do something we’ve never done.

26. Have a sister weekend with Alyssa. JANUARY 2016
Worm Takes Disney

27. Take Henry to the zoo. MARCH 2016
A Date with Henry

28. Donate to a worthy cause. APRIL 2016

29. Send 10 random gifts. (1)

30. TBD


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