The Return of the Blogger

Oh, man. Longest blog hiatus ever, right? HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? I’ve missed blogging so much, and I’m SO thrilled to say the days are currently less crazy, the NEW blog / site is up and running, and I have about 87,000 pictures to catch you up on now. ;)

First things first – huge shout out to my website-genius brother, Brad, who graciously set everything up for me while I danced and watched Curious George with my nephew. THREE CHEERS for Brad. And Henry. And Curious George.

Now do me a little favor – if you have a bookmark or a blog subscription, go ahead and update the web address. Absolutely Bositively is officially moving over to its own domain, so you can find me and the 87,000 photos over at This blog will remain exactly as it is now, but every post from here on out will be at the new site.

Thanks for bearing with me over the last few months of craziness! I really am so excited to get back to normal posting. I’m finally able to hang out with my dear old friend, free time. ;) Now come hang with me at the new site!




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