Decorating Days & Crafty Calendars

Happy Friday!

Andrew & I finally got around to moving stuff around in our master bedroom and putting up the prints I ordered for our headboard wall. Well, Andrew moved most of the furniture, and I hung the prints. Haha.I loooove our new forest prints! I made it from one picture I took, so they’re technically one photograph broken into three. (P.S. Please admire my bed being made, because that doesn’t happen often enough. Haha.)

They make me feel peaceful. Success. :)

We also finally moved our new end table to Andrew’s side. Marvelous mom-in-law painted it for us, and we bought that cute little flower knob from Hobby Lobby.

Uber. Cute.

In other news, I made all these cute templates for calendars last night, and couldn’t bring myself to spend the $30 it would’ve been to get it binded from one of the photo labs I use…so I decided to settle and print them myself on cardstock. I’ll probably hole punch and tie them with ribbon or put them in my organization notebook…haven’t decided yet. Suggestions?I used a different picture and Bible verse for every month. March has my favorite verse because that’s my birthday month, Andrew’s has his verse because that’s his birthday month, etc. Most of the pictures are from Colorado, because we’re missing it dreadfully. Haha.

I like this one. :)

I plan to get things done today. My to-do list has about 27 things on it. Most of them have to do with cleaning…we’re having people over for a Halloween party Sunday night. :) I’ll post pictures after that for sure!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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