Eat, Drink, & Be Scary!

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a fun and fabulous day filled with lots of Reese’s. :)

We celebrated with our friends last night with a potluck Halloween party, where we feasted on deliciousness, watched Signs, and some Halloween episodes of Friends. :)
Table setup

My handsome hubby was Zorro. ;)

Our friend Jerod came as a cowboy.

My super cute BFF Brette was Dorothy!

Zorro & Esperanza. We had too much fun with this. Hahaha.

The table after it was stocked with food. Haha.

Brette made these cute caramel apples!

Look how cute our friends are. :) Even the ones who didn’t dress up. ;-P

Brette is the best!

Wesley & Tanner enjoying dessert. :)

Special thanks to Mom-in-law and Brette for helping me! And to my wonderful husband, who ran out to get ice for me and let me take up the house with decorations. ;)

In other news…Christmas is 55 days away! And my patience paid off…Hobby Lobby is 50% off all Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff this week! I made my first trip this morning. :) Haha.



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