The Day of the iPhone 5.

I know I just said my posts would be scarce…but something’s happened.

Until two days ago, I had never in my life owned an iPhone. This fact shocked the world, and I couldn’t pull out my tiny flip Pantech without the quizzical stares of the people around me. Caitlin? No iPhone… Really? How sad.

I lived in the world of the flip phone, a land where service was scarce, phone pictures had poorer quality than a child’s disposable camera, and there was no access to the Internet or a GPS.

And now that I live in the world of Siri, GoogleMaps, and autocorrect, it’s a wonder to think that I survived so long without it.

So. Big shout out and thanks to Dad. :) Best surprise ever. I will buy you chips and queso any time. Except you’ll have to eat them alone because I’m still only three pounds down.

I managed to take 68 photos in my first full day with the iPhone. I won’t show you them all, fear not. ;)

Yeah. I bet you could have guessed who most of my pictures feature. ;)

I love these boots!


Target. Almost makes you want children.

Learning to snuggle. :)



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